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Selena working on making MENTAL HEALTH a subject at SCHOOL

Beacuse your mental health matters and because there is a lot of people who ignore a lot of information about mental health, Selena Gomez who is diagnosed with a mental illness called “bipolar” decided to spread education about mental health at school. This is an amazing initiative beacuse the world needs to aware people from a young age about mental health so they can take care of themselves and have information about every mental disorder symptoms to take the right procedures and consult a psychologist or a neurologist.

1 in 5 adults experience mental illness every year and it is expected that this number will increase when COVID-19 is over. Unfortunately only 16% of the children receive mental health assistance in school.

Selena and her team beleive that learning about Mental health is as important as other subjects. If you want them to spread awareness and to add Mental health as a subject in school, sign their petition


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