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How to be confident in a Job Interview?

First of all always think and repeat in your mind that the interviewer is a normal human like you that’s why you shouldn’t stress. But how to get rid from the anxiety to look confident in the interview?

Control your breathe

There are special breathing techniques concerned with decreasing anxiety level. Before you go to your job interview be aware of taking a deep breathe from your nose for 3 times then exhale it through your mouth. This will help you concentrate on breathing instead of thinking randomly of stressful things.

Body language

Your body language plays a crucial role in showing your confidence. It’s very important to shake hands with the interviewer and to smile. Eye contact also sends a message of self confidence to the interviewer. Maintain a respectful posture by sitting with your chest and chin up and do not ever cross your arms.

How to answer ? ⚠️🤯

Prepare answers to the most expected questions to be addressed like “Why did you choose to do this job” try as much as you can not to enter emotions, give more logic answers. Take your time before talking. And you can use some expressions that give you time to think as :Well, personally i think that… / That’s a good question…

What to wear

I think that picking the right clothes is very helpful. You should wear a clothes style that goes with the work type. For example if you’re aiming to work in a bank, wear a very formal costume like a long black skirt or pants with a black blaser and a white shirt.


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