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Have a fun day without spending money !

We may relate every beautiful moment to money, but the truth is that there is a lot of precious memories that we can collect by visiting beautiful places without spending money!

In this blog i’m gonna suggest some free but beautiful activities : 1-Camping / Picnic :                        If you’re feeling bored but don’t have enough money to have fun then hurry up! Pack some clothes and a tent and go camping in the arms of the forest under the glowing stars at night.

Picnic is another good option to get closer to mother nature and to spend a qualtiy time with friends and family. All you have to do is to grab your own food and sit in a park and play football or volleyball and cards. It would be amazing if it’s next to a lake or a river (make sure you’re on a safe distance from the river or the lake).

2-Visit a farm : You can simply visit a little farm located in a village because animals are a source of entertainment. For example, cuddling a sheep, milking a cow and feeding some chickens are rare and cute activities.

3- Discover historical places : There are many historicaln monuments that don’t require a payed entrance and these could be a perfect choice for a really good trip. You can also visit a whole historical or ancient city to discover its streets and souks(stores). I highly recommend taking a rest to take a cold drink. And don’t forget to create some funny vibes by playing cool music in your trip!

4-Volunteer : What about volunteering ? You can volunteer alone or with a friend. By volunteering we achieve two sides : the human side and the entertainment side as we can help people and make new friendships at the same time.

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Who’s the victim, Israel or Palestine?

It all started in 1917 when the British Minister of foreign affairs Arthur James Balfour promised the jewish population to establish a zionist state in Palestine.

15 may 1948 was a nightmare to all the Palestinians. Britain announced the establishment of Israel , isrealians started to kick Palestinians from their homes. When things started to get worse, arabic armies attacked Israel to save Palestinians. But it didn’t work, isreal is still occupying Palestine from 73 years now with constant unjustice and racism.

And what’s happening today continues the story of the occupation, Isreal wants to occupy more palestinian lands and is aiming to occupy Lebanon and Jordan to jave a bigger country.

So let’s talk about what’s happening right now. Few weeks ago the isreal army kicked Palestinians from the Aqsa mosque, then started to kick them progressively from their homes. The 1948 scenario is on rerun…

Palestinians protested and protect themselves by throwing rocks. Then isrealians started to arrest all the protesters who were demanding their rights of praying and living equally.

After all, Palestine threw missiles into Israel and the war began. Israel is throwing missiles on Palestine and Lebanon too because this country always wanted to occupy Lebanese lands.

So, after i told you the story of 73 years of occupation and racism and greed, can you tell me who’s the real victim?

A baby born carrying a contraceptive device!

This photo was taken of a baby whose 34 years old mother did an operation to prevent getting pregnant because she has 2 children and doesn’t want another. The operation consists on putting an IUD that has the form of letter T in the uterus of the woman to prevent sperm from entering but this contraceptive way is not assumed because some sperms can sneak and combine with the ovocyte and the pregnancy automatically has place and that’s what happened with this woman.

The photos of the baby carrying hard the contraceptive device has a lot of meanings. A meaning of resilience, a meaning of an angel sent from God and who refuses that people stop his coming because it is God’s voluntary. This baby has a message to the whole world to not be an obstacle that stops what God wants because everything happens for a reason and God is surely sending you your babies to teach you something new from each one of them.

Didn’t you think before about why God gave us freedom? It is beacuse he wants us to use it well and to discover that it is in our hands to control our desires. So if you don’t want a baby then work on not practicing a sexual relationship. But other than that is not your decision. Leave it in God’s hands dear.

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How to get rid of SUICIDE thoughts?

First of all i wanna let you know that you are loved by lots of people who maybe you don’t even notice. You are loved by your friends and by people to whom you smile everyday while passing on the street and if not,you’re loved by your family and if not, you are loved by God and that’s enough because his love is unconditional. Here are the steps to take to stop thinking of suicide : 1.It is very important to consult a doctor because trust me meditation will help you to get rid of these thoughts. And the most important during the meditation is your WIll of passing the obstacle.

Going to a psychologist is normal and courageous. Those who know they’re having a problem and have the financial capability but don’t go are the ones who should be ashamed.

2.When you lose hope just remember that this tough situation will pass just like other difficulties have passed. Remember that you had bad days and bad grades at school and all of this ended, you got sick one day then got healed, you lost a person and day by day you got used to his absence and no matter how big your current problem it will also end.

3.If you’ve been suffering for so long and you’re afraid of not getting out of this bullet always have faith and say “handling the pain on earth is better than ending my life to handle a everlasting pain in hell” and if you’re not a beleiver of the existence of a life after death think that you will not lose anything if you persist because maybe it is true that there is another life waiting for you so search for faith and see how much miracles are done by saints in this world. Personally i advice you to know more about Saint Charbel a Christian priest who heals sick people from all religions in the name of Jesus Christ. Here’s the link of one of his miracles with a muslim boy.

Saint Charbel

Selena working on making MENTAL HEALTH a subject at SCHOOL

Beacuse your mental health matters and because there is a lot of people who ignore a lot of information about mental health, Selena Gomez who is diagnosed with a mental illness called “bipolar” decided to spread education about mental health at school. This is an amazing initiative beacuse the world needs to aware people from a young age about mental health so they can take care of themselves and have information about every mental disorder symptoms to take the right procedures and consult a psychologist or a neurologist.

1 in 5 adults experience mental illness every year and it is expected that this number will increase when COVID-19 is over. Unfortunately only 16% of the children receive mental health assistance in school.

Selena and her team beleive that learning about Mental health is as important as other subjects. If you want them to spread awareness and to add Mental health as a subject in school, sign their petition

You should not have a purpose in your life.

I know you are shocked by the title because if we don’t have a purpose how can we persist in life?!

When i first heard about this subject i was also surprised until i understood the reasons.

It is very important to aim for success and to work hard but the negative part is to set a very high goal that makes you feel upset and depressed in case you don’t achieve it. Also setting a specific goal to reach will blind you from seeing other opportunities and other goals. When you’re insisting on fulfilling a determined dream you will not get profit from the tools you have and you will refuse good opportunities that may give you a better future. For example if you’re dreaming of working on TV you start ignoring the chance you are offered to work in a radio because you want to arrive quickly to a high position instead of getting advantage from little chances to grow progressively and chase your dream.

How to be confident in a Job Interview?

First of all always think and repeat in your mind that the interviewer is a normal human like you that’s why you shouldn’t stress. But how to get rid from the anxiety to look confident in the interview?

Control your breathe

There are special breathing techniques concerned with decreasing anxiety level. Before you go to your job interview be aware of taking a deep breathe from your nose for 3 times then exhale it through your mouth. This will help you concentrate on breathing instead of thinking randomly of stressful things.

Body language

Your body language plays a crucial role in showing your confidence. It’s very important to shake hands with the interviewer and to smile. Eye contact also sends a message of self confidence to the interviewer. Maintain a respectful posture by sitting with your chest and chin up and do not ever cross your arms.

How to answer ? ⚠️🤯

Prepare answers to the most expected questions to be addressed like “Why did you choose to do this job” try as much as you can not to enter emotions, give more logic answers. Take your time before talking. And you can use some expressions that give you time to think as :Well, personally i think that… / That’s a good question…

What to wear

I think that picking the right clothes is very helpful. You should wear a clothes style that goes with the work type. For example if you’re aiming to work in a bank, wear a very formal costume like a long black skirt or pants with a black blaser and a white shirt.

A little of AlCOHOL HARM your Brain!

A recent study of more than 25000 people in UK found that no matter how alcohol you drink it still be dangerous for your brain.

Researchers noticed that a higher volume of alcohol consumption lower the grey matter density. What is grey matter?

Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control.

Even a little bit of alcohol can affect not only the grey matter density but also the density of white matter. White matter affects learning and brain functions modulating distribution of action potentials, acting as a relay and coordinating communication between different brain regions.

Despite the fact that wine is well recommended, the study confirmed that also drinking wine is harmful.

Would you change your mind and stop drinking alcohol?

Type of dances that make you FIT!

Hip Hop : And who doesn’t enjoy dancing hiphop with its energetic music beats. Did you know that you can burn 300 calories by practicing 30 minutes of Hiphop everyday?

Zumba dance : Practicing zumba 2 or 3 times a week will make you lose weight as it burns belly fat quickly and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Freestyle dance : This is a type of dance that requires making spontaneous moves that make your body flexible and shed 180 calories every 30 minutes of practice.

So what are you waiting for? Open youtube, search for your favorite type of dance and start moving!