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Have a fun day without spending money !

We may relate every beautiful moment to money, but the truth is that there is a lot of precious memories that we can collect by visiting beautiful places without spending money! In this blog i’m gonna suggest some free but beautiful activities : 1-Camping / Picnic :                        If you’re feeling bored but don’t have enoughContinue reading “Have a fun day without spending money !”


A baby born carrying a contraceptive device!

This photo was taken of a baby whose 34 years old mother did an operation to prevent getting pregnant because she has 2 children and doesn’t want another. The operation consists on putting an IUD that has the form of letter T in the uterus of the woman to prevent sperm from entering but thisContinue reading “A baby born carrying a contraceptive device!”

How to get rid of SUICIDE thoughts?

First of all i wanna let you know that you are loved by lots of people who maybe you don’t even notice. You are loved by your friends and by people to whom you smile everyday while passing on the street and if not,you’re loved by your family and if not, you are loved byContinue reading “How to get rid of SUICIDE thoughts?”

Selena working on making MENTAL HEALTH a subject at SCHOOL

Beacuse your mental health matters and because there is a lot of people who ignore a lot of information about mental health, Selena Gomez who is diagnosed with a mental illness called “bipolar” decided to spread education about mental health at school. This is an amazing initiative beacuse the world needs to aware people fromContinue reading “Selena working on making MENTAL HEALTH a subject at SCHOOL”

You should not have a purpose in your life.

I know you are shocked by the title because if we don’t have a purpose how can we persist in life?! When i first heard about this subject i was also surprised until i understood the reasons. It is very important to aim for success and to work hard but the negative part is toContinue reading “You should not have a purpose in your life.”

How to be confident in a Job Interview?

First of all always think and repeat in your mind that the interviewer is a normal human like you that’s why you shouldn’t stress. But how to get rid from the anxiety to look confident in the interview? Control your breathe Body language Your body language plays a crucial role in showing your confidence. It’sContinue reading “How to be confident in a Job Interview?”

A little of AlCOHOL HARM your Brain!

A recent study of more than 25000 people in UK found that no matter how alcohol you drink it still be dangerous for your brain. Researchers noticed that a higher volume of alcohol consumption lower the grey matter density. What is grey matter? Grey matter contains most of the brain’s neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regionsContinue reading “A little of AlCOHOL HARM your Brain!”