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Who’s the victim, Israel or Palestine?

It all started in 1917 when the British Minister of foreign affairs Arthur James Balfour promised the jewish population to establish a zionist state in Palestine.

15 may 1948 was a nightmare to all the Palestinians. Britain announced the establishment of Israel , isrealians started to kick Palestinians from their homes. When things started to get worse, arabic armies attacked Israel to save Palestinians. But it didn’t work, isreal is still occupying Palestine from 73 years now with constant unjustice and racism.

And what’s happening today continues the story of the occupation, Isreal wants to occupy more palestinian lands and is aiming to occupy Lebanon and Jordan to jave a bigger country.

So let’s talk about what’s happening right now. Few weeks ago the isreal army kicked Palestinians from the Aqsa mosque, then started to kick them progressively from their homes. The 1948 scenario is on rerun…

Palestinians protested and protect themselves by throwing rocks. Then isrealians started to arrest all the protesters who were demanding their rights of praying and living equally.

After all, Palestine threw missiles into Israel and the war began. Israel is throwing missiles on Palestine and Lebanon too because this country always wanted to occupy Lebanese lands.

So, after i told you the story of 73 years of occupation and racism and greed, can you tell me who’s the real victim?


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