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Have a fun day without spending money !

We may relate every beautiful moment to money, but the truth is that there is a lot of precious memories that we can collect by visiting beautiful places without spending money!

In this blog i’m gonna suggest some free but beautiful activities : 1-Camping / Picnic :                        If you’re feeling bored but don’t have enough money to have fun then hurry up! Pack some clothes and a tent and go camping in the arms of the forest under the glowing stars at night.

Picnic is another good option to get closer to mother nature and to spend a qualtiy time with friends and family. All you have to do is to grab your own food and sit in a park and play football or volleyball and cards. It would be amazing if it’s next to a lake or a river (make sure you’re on a safe distance from the river or the lake).

2-Visit a farm : You can simply visit a little farm located in a village because animals are a source of entertainment. For example, cuddling a sheep, milking a cow and feeding some chickens are rare and cute activities.

3- Discover historical places : There are many historicaln monuments that don’t require a payed entrance and these could be a perfect choice for a really good trip. You can also visit a whole historical or ancient city to discover its streets and souks(stores). I highly recommend taking a rest to take a cold drink. And don’t forget to create some funny vibes by playing cool music in your trip!

4-Volunteer : What about volunteering ? You can volunteer alone or with a friend. By volunteering we achieve two sides : the human side and the entertainment side as we can help people and make new friendships at the same time.

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