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A baby born carrying a contraceptive device!

This photo was taken of a baby whose 34 years old mother did an operation to prevent getting pregnant because she has 2 children and doesn’t want another. The operation consists on putting an IUD that has the form of letter T in the uterus of the woman to prevent sperm from entering but this contraceptive way is not assumed because some sperms can sneak and combine with the ovocyte and the pregnancy automatically has place and that’s what happened with this woman.

The photos of the baby carrying hard the contraceptive device has a lot of meanings. A meaning of resilience, a meaning of an angel sent from God and who refuses that people stop his coming because it is God’s voluntary. This baby has a message to the whole world to not be an obstacle that stops what God wants because everything happens for a reason and God is surely sending you your babies to teach you something new from each one of them.

Didn’t you think before about why God gave us freedom? It is beacuse he wants us to use it well and to discover that it is in our hands to control our desires. So if you don’t want a baby then work on not practicing a sexual relationship. But other than that is not your decision. Leave it in God’s hands dear.

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