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How to get rid of SUICIDE thoughts?

First of all i wanna let you know that you are loved by lots of people who maybe you don’t even notice. You are loved by your friends and by people to whom you smile everyday while passing on the street and if not,you’re loved by your family and if not, you are loved by God and that’s enough because his love is unconditional. Here are the steps to take to stop thinking of suicide : 1.It is very important to consult a doctor because trust me meditation will help you to get rid of these thoughts. And the most important during the meditation is your WIll of passing the obstacle.

Going to a psychologist is normal and courageous. Those who know they’re having a problem and have the financial capability but don’t go are the ones who should be ashamed.

2.When you lose hope just remember that this tough situation will pass just like other difficulties have passed. Remember that you had bad days and bad grades at school and all of this ended, you got sick one day then got healed, you lost a person and day by day you got used to his absence and no matter how big your current problem it will also end.

3.If you’ve been suffering for so long and you’re afraid of not getting out of this bullet always have faith and say “handling the pain on earth is better than ending my life to handle a everlasting pain in hell” and if you’re not a beleiver of the existence of a life after death think that you will not lose anything if you persist because maybe it is true that there is another life waiting for you so search for faith and see how much miracles are done by saints in this world. Personally i advice you to know more about Saint Charbel a Christian priest who heals sick people from all religions in the name of Jesus Christ. Here’s the link of one of his miracles with a muslim boy.

Saint Charbel

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